What is Reconditioning?

Reconditioning is the repair process that we employ to bring used vehicles back to like-new condition. This is how we are able to confidently sell a safe, good-looking, well-performing vehicle. After numerous years in the business, we have distilled the process down to eight simple steps:

Automotive Engineering Experts.

What Makes an Engineering Expert.

  • An engineering expert witness is a professional engineer who specializes in providing an expert opinion to clients. This person often has clients ranging from law firms to insurance companies. Most experts take on a neutral role when it comes to clients and can work for plaintiffs or defendants.
  • Some of the incidents that an engineering expert witness investigates for clients include train and automotive engineering defects as well as construction equipment accidents. The engineer may also get requests to review workplace accidents and industrial machinery injuries. One common accident that insurance companies retain these experts for is to figure out liability in slip and fall injuries involving sidewalks, stairs and escalators.
  • When the engineer expert witness meets with a client, the expert will review the facts of the case and any documentation that may be available. The expert will discuss the incident with the client and tell the client his initial opinion and strategy. At this meeting, the expert will also provide a list of his fees and services that he has available to investigate the case.

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All vehicles lose their exterior finish over time, and gravel-laden roads accelerate that aging. All reconditioned vehicles receive a cut polish service to remove any imperfections such as swirl marks or scratches. All trucks also receive an undercoating to protect against chassis rust, dramatically extending the vehicle’s life.


In step 6, all auto body imperfections are corrected. This includes dent repair and chip filling. If new panels are required, we’ll completely replace them. No expenses are spared during this step, leaving you with a nearly perfect looking vehicle.


In step 7 the final small details are perfected. We’ll ensure that every last inch is sparkling.


The final step of our reconditioning process is a mechanical inspection. In this step, a certified technician inspects the entire vehicle from inside-out to ensure it meets industry standards. This certification guarantees that your vehicle is safe and mechanically sound.

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