How Does Dyno Tuning Work?

A dynamometer, more commonly called a dyno, is a machine that will measure the output of your engine. Among the readings it monitors is your horsepower, torque, and fuel mixture. It can also make adjustments after testing the engine load under different running conditions.

If you have upgraded your vehicle to a performance mod, you should definitely consider getting a dyno tune. That way you can ensure that you are gaining the optimum performance from all of those mods you spent so much time and money on. Buying a dyno tune can be very expensive. That's why so many people decide to take their build into a specialty shop to have testing done in house.

After taking the measurements, it can help you tweak your vehicle to:

  • Gain more horsepower;
  • Maintain driving at high standards;
  • Keep your engine running smooth;
  • Get you some good fuel economy.
Of course, you can adjust to your application if it means you want more horsepower and don't mind losing some fuel economy, you can do that. However, an engine that has been tuned properly with a dyno tune should still see an increase in horsepower and torque without losing too much fuel economy or driving ability.

Doing the process correctly can help keep your engine running at its best which means it will not have to work as hard. That translates to less wear and tear on your components and thus, fewer repairs in the future. Why not take this step to protect your investment too?

General Specifications

  • A dyno tune that is attached to an engine directly is called an engine dyno.
  • Can help you adjust your car to increase torque and horsepower without losing fuel efficiency and drivability.
  • A necessity for racers and street rodders to get the most out of their vehicles.
  • Testing can last as little as a half day to check for leaks and noises, set timing and break in an engine.
  • Testing can last as long as several days trying to maximize performance by trying different parts and dyno tune settings.
  • You can see a 40 or more increase in horsepower just by taking the time to get a good dyno tune.
  • Cheaper to test your engine on a stand at a dyno tune facility than on a track under the hood.

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