Mitron Automotive Parts

Mitron is one of the fastest growing companies in supplying the trade with Automotive parts. The Mitron range of Commercial vehicle engine replacement components has established an exceptional pedigree over the last decade. Meticulous attention to product design and development, dimensional analysis as well as materials specification, construction and conformity to industry approved standards has culminated in a suitable alternative for the replacement of original equipment at a more competitive cost.


We are suppliers of the following new core components:


Application Description

Cummins ISBE Cylinder head bare

Cummins 6CT Cylinder block

Cummins 6CT Crankshaft

Cummins 6CT Cam shaft 3023478


Application Description

CAT C11/C13 Cylinder head bare

CAT C15/C18 Cylinder head bare

Hino JO8CT

Application Description

Hino JO8CT Crankshaft

Hino JO8CT Cylinder head bare – SOLD OUT

Hino JO8CT Cylinder liner – 8mm Flange

Hino JO8CT Cylinder liner – 3mm Flange

Hino JO8CT Piston kit

Hino JO8CT Ring kit

Hino JO8CT Liner kit – 8mm

Hino JO8CT Liner kit – 3mm

Hino JO8CT/CT Cam shaft

Hino JO8CT Conrod

Hino JO5CT

Application Description

Hino JO5C/CT Crankshaft

Hino JO8E

Application Description

Hino JO8E Piston kit

Hino JO8E Ring kit

Hino JO8E Cylinder liner

Hino JO8E Liner kit


Application Description

HINO NO4C Cylinder liner – 3mm Flange

HINO NO4C Cylinder liner – 8mm Flange

HINO NO4C Piston kit

HINO NO4C Ring kit

HINO NO4C Crankshaft

HINO NO4C Cylinder head bare


Application Description

Hino WO4D Liner – 8mm Flange

Hino WO4D Piston kit

Hino WO4D Ring kit

Hino WO4D Crankshaft

Hino WO4D Cylinder head


Application Description

Isuzu 4HK1 Cylinder block

Isuzu 4HK1 Crankshaft

Isuzu 4HK1 Cylinder head bare

Isuzu 4HK1 Cam shaft


Application Description

Isuzu 6HK1 Cylinder head bare

Isuzu 6HK1 Cylinder block

Isuzu 6HK1 Crankshaft

Isuzu 6HK1 Cam shaft

ISUZU 4HE1/4HF1/4HH1/6HE1/6HH1

Application Description

Isuzu 6HE1/6HH1 Camshaft

Isuzu 4HE1/4HF1/4HH1 Camshaft


Application Description

Man D0836 LF50/60 Cylinder block

Man D0836 LFL41 Cylinder head partial assembled

Man D0836 LFL01/03/41 Cylinder liner

Man D0836 LFL01/03 Ring kit

Man D0836 LfL01/03 Piston kit

Man D0836 Cam shaft

Man D0836 LFL50/60 Crankshaft

Man D2066 Ring kit

Man D2066 Piston kit

Man D2066 Liner kit

Man D2066 Cylinder liner

Man D2066 Conrod

Man D2066/D2676 Cylinder head partial assembled

Man D2066/D2676 Cylinder block

Man D2066/D2676 Cam shaft

Man D2676 Crankshaft

Man D2676 Cylinder liner

Man D2676 Piston kit

Man D2676 Ring kit

Man D2676 Liner kit

Man D2676 Conrod


Application Description

Mercedes OM457/460 Cylinder block

Mercedes OM501/541 Cylinder block

Mercedes OM906 Cylinder block

Mercedes OM926 Cylinder block

Mercedes OM906 Crankshaft

Mercedes OM906 Crankshaft


Application Description

Nissan FE6T Cylinder head bare


Application Description

Volvo D13A Liner kit

Volvo D13A Cylinder liner

Volvo D13A Ring kit