The Steps to an Engine Rebuild

If you love your car but your engine is no longer usable, you might consider a rebuild instead of buying a new vehicle. When an expert mechanic remanufactures your engine, you can trust that it will become reborn in pristine condition, allowing you to drive your vehicle for potentially hundreds of thousands of more miles. Here's a look at five steps of successfully remanufacturing an engine.

5 Steps of an Engine Rebuild

1. Remove/Inspect

To start the process, all engine parts must be removed, disassembled, and cleaned. After all components have been cleaned bare, they are then inspected for wear and tear, at which point they'll be prepared to machine them to original factory specifications.

2. Machining

Through machining, parts will be smoothened, allowing them to once again work together flawlessly. As part of this process, the engine block is honed and the crankshaft is ground. Also, bearing surfaces and chamfer oil passages will be micro polished. Other parts of the job include connecting rods being straightened and cylinder heads being resurfaced. The tech will also address any other parts that need to be smoothened.

3. Reassemble Engine

This process will include the installation of a number of new parts, such as: bearings, timing belt, gears, seals, and gaskets.

4. Testing

A test will then be conducted to check for proper compression and oiling, after which any necessary adjustments will be made.

5. Reinstallation

Once the rebuild is complete and testing is successful, the engine will be reinstalled and ready for the road.

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