The Engine Reconditioning Process

A reconditioned engine, is a used engine that has received major repairs, including block re-boring, crankshaft re-grinding, valves re-facing just to mention a few. It is given a second life to perform as good as a new engine, as everything that could wear out has been replaced.

After Dyno-testing, in essence it is a new engine!!

Step 1: Engine Dismantle

The first step in the engine reconditioning process is one of the most important. This is where one would carefully dismantle the industrial engine, looking at the condition of each and every engine part as it is removed. Once the engine has been stripped, each individual part is carefully stored for step two – the cleaning process.

Step 2: Cleaning Engine Parts

Once the industrial engine parts have been assessed for wear and damage, they are ready for the cleaning phase. Each part is cleaned thoroughly to remove oil, dirt and grime – leaving each part almost good as new. Once thoroughly cleaned, the industrial engine parts are assessed once more.

Step 3: Bearing Clearances

The next phase in the engine reconditioning process is to check bearing clearances. Here, qualified artisans inspect the engine parts and compare them to the manufacturer's factory specifications. Parts that are too damaged to salvage are discarded and replaced, and parts that can be saved are machined back to factory specification.

Step 4: Engine Reassembly

Once one has machined the salvageable parts to factory spec, and replaced the non-salvageable parts with new ones, it's time to put the industrial engine back together again. Before this happens, each part is assessed once more to ensure they meet the manufacturer's requirements.

Step 5: Testing the Engine

Probably the most important step in the engine reconditioning process, the final phase is to test the reconditioned engine. Here one should listen carefully for any irregularities and run the engine to ensure it is functioning optimally. If nothing serious comes up, the engine is ready for work once more!

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